Entrepatios-CO2Nulo. A different proposal for living


What is a Decarbonized Building?

Decarbonized buildings are those that have minimized their energy demand in use at levels approximately 15Kwh/m2.year, which have measured, minimized and offset the carbon footprint in the construction phase and use electricity from 100% renewable energy. To achieve this carbon neutrality, we need to start with the life cycle analysis (LCA) of the building, so that it is possible to know the emissions generated at each stage of the process. After implementing a strategy of minimizing CO2 emissions, carbon emitted during the construction process is offset, all energy consumption is electrified, so there is no burning of fossil fuels in the building (gas, diesel, etc.) and 100% renewable energy is provided, with on-site facilities or/and the contracting of renewable energy marketers. The result is a completely carbon-free building.

Entrepatios-Las Carolinas, the first Cohousing CO2nulo

Entrepatios-Las Carolinas has become the first cohousing to receive the CO2nulo certificate of Ecometro. The building has offset the 1,270 tons of CO2 emitted during the construction process in three projects, through the Climatetrade platform: Renewable energy installation in Namibia, recovery of biodiversity in Kenya and reforestation with drones in Spain. The offset required to obtain the certificate seeks to achieve neutrality in emissions when the means of minimization of the carbon footprint have already been applied. This resource does not involve a blank cheque to contaminate, but a mechanism for the decarbonization of buildings to be completely effective.

Carbon neutrality, a new way of life

The building is responsible for 38% of the world's CO2 emissions. Reducing emissions is not only a strategic issue in a society where global decarbonization targets begin to be put on the table, it is also a vision of the future we want to leave to our children. Entrepatios Las Carolinas adds to the list of buildings that have already obtained the CO2nulo certificate: as are the Malaga office of Triodos Bank, the Spanish headquarters of the international environmental NGO Greenpeace and Triple the first carbon neutral coworking space in Spain.

Ecometro CO2Nulo Certificate Module

On November 5th, as part of the VII Congress of Near Zero Energy Buildings, we presented the CO2Nulo certificate of Ecometro through the case study of Entrepatios Building. On the occasion of our participation, Iñaki Alonso, co-founder of Ecómetro, was able to continue the exhibition of Entrepatios-Las Carolinas project that began at this same Congress in 2017 when the building was still on blueprints.