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We develop technologies, consulting and training to help you incorporate the measurement of the carbon footprint and the certification of buildings that do not emit CO2 in your building, new construction and rehabilitation projects, your public tenders and the purchase, sale and investment in real estate. Add value to your buildings, make them more resilient to climate change, take care of the planet and your health.

Ecometro technology

Ecometro technology
We develop bespoke digital tools (software) tailored to help you measure and minimize the carbon footprint of your company's building projects, include CO2 emissions as a parameter to consider in public buildings construction, renovation and purchasing bidding processes.
Do you want to calculate the carbon footprint and 5 more environmental impacts of your building projects or your clients' projects in just 20 minutes? Whatever your goal: Ecómetro LCA® is the cloud tool that adapts to your needs.

Ecometro consultancy

Ecometro consultancy
Obtain your environmental product declaration and increase the competitiveness of your product by communicating the environmental impact to your customers.
We measure the carbon footprint and 6 more categories of environmental impacts, of your building projects. We analyze the environmental objectives of your project. We propose improvements to minimize environmental impacts during the life cycle of the building.
We created the CO2Nulo®. A transparent 5-step certificate for fully decarbonized new or renovated buildings that do not emit a gram of CO2.
Ecometro Vivienda® is the most complete certificate that exists for residential buildings. A holistic approach that raises 130 environmental, economic, social and health indicators.
We help you add value to your building through recognized sustainability certifications, such as BREEAM, LEED, WELL, GREEN and PASSIVHAUS. We perform an ESG assessment of a property or an assessment of the future impacts of climate change in short, medium and long term.
Climate emergency is one of the most important challenges we are facing. All our activities have an impact on the environment and the climate and it is in our hands to measure this impact, reduce it and turn it into a positive impact, for people and the planet.
Today we are spending much of our time in buildings and indoor conditions affect our planet, our health, our economy and our quality of life.

Ecômetro training

Ecômetro training

Become a Life Cycle Analysis specialist in just 2 days. Learn how to use ecômetro LCA ® and minimize the impact of your building projects

Become a CO2NULO certifier and enter the family of the most transparent certificate for the decarbonization of buildings.

Learn how to develop and audit Life Cycle Analysis studies and enter the family of ecometro LCA auditors that gives you access to the evaluation of third-party LCA projects.